Tuesday, 5 April 2011


BAD FENG SHUI/ GALLERY WALL. I am so sure that the arrangement of my couch and chairs was shocking feng shui. 

Life was just not good for me for a while. The living room didn't feel right, but I wasn't sure how to fix it.... eventually Will and I just moved the couch and chairs around a bit. There is SUCH a better vibe now and life is good again, it's quite amazing, it makes me want to research further into feng shui. 

Since we figured out the problem of the BAD VIBE in the house, I have been able to concentrate on things like hanging artwork and photographs in little gallery arrangements like these below. 

We decided to have a mixture of artwork and family photos, using all different kinds and sizes of frames.

I also have a few old mirrors that I've collected, that I want to somehow incorporate. 

Each frame has 20mm between it and the next frame. This looks pretty good, although as we add to the wall, this might have to change.

Apart from having a good gallery wall with a mixture of frames and sizes, the room above is so pretty! The chairs remind me of the ones at The Millswyn...

I will possibly do a future post on The Millswyn, the interiors are gorgeous and the food is not bad either. 


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