Tuesday, 22 March 2011


BALCONY THOUGHTS. I read the archives of Lonny today. Yep. All nine of them. 

I've seen so many images that they have all melded together into one confusing mess.... however, the one below has managed to stand out in my mind. This table and chair set up could work really well on our balcony, which is about the same size. I guarantee I saw a MILLION tables like this over summer when I checked out every antique/junk shop between Melbourne and Port Fairy and I have always liked Tolix style chairs....

I was also thinking of some big wicker chairs in kitschy colours like mint green and baby pink, maybe at the other end of the balcony? I swear I saw some at Fenton and Fenton when I drove by recently. I just tried to google 'kitsch wicker furniture', but I couldn't find what I'm thinking of. What's in my head is similar to this B&B Italia chair below...


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  1. I can definitely see myself hanging out here, this chair would be an awesome choice to mix in, so unique :)