Sunday, 13 March 2011


CHOOSING A WHITE PAINT. How many shades of white are there?? Just one??  

Ask anyone who has chosen a white paint and they will tell you the correct answer - hundreds. Our flat is currently painted in Dulux Berkshire White, although this colour is not majorly offensive, we wanted something lighter and whiter and before we filled the place up with furniture seemed like the perfect time to paint.  

The brief seemed simple, choose a cool white that didn't have any blue undertones. The reality, a different story. We stuck to the tried and true brand of Dulux; looking at multiple shades of white as well multiple brands of paint seemed too confusing to contemplate.

Going to Bunning’s and grabbing all the white colour samples, we tried to imagine what the little bits of cardboard would look like if they were a lot bigger and on our walls.  This proved to be a tricky task (even after a sausage from the sausage sizzle)  we needed the sample pots of paint to take home in order to make an informed decision. 

After some quick iphone research, we decided to get a sample of Natural White (apparently meant to be a little lighter then Antique White USA) and Lexicon ¼ (a gray based white). 

Once we were home and multiple walls had been painted in both the samples, it was decided that Natural White wasn’t that much lighter then the Berkshire White that is currently there…so the winner must be Lexicon ¼!!

We are happy with this choice at the moment and hopefully painting shall commence soon, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I change my mind ten times before the first coat goes on!

(The images interluded between the text are of Alexander Wang's office in Manhattan, photographed by Todd Selby. Yay for white walls and chesterfield couches. Boo for the first photo being shot the shot but it irritates me SO much how it isn't straight). 

xx kiki

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