Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I'M HAVING A BRONZE/BRASS MOMENT. I saved the first two images from emmas designblogg recently, and now everywhere I look there are bronzey brassy things calling my name. 

Taken from the site ArtSchoolVets in the 'Faces and Spaces' section, these first two images are from the home of  Rike Döpp. 

 If you can read German I'm sure the interview is very interesting, the rest of us will have to be content with the Selby-like imagery. I love how these mirrors are layered together, imagine the distortions and reflections of light they would create. This would be such an easy thing to try with any group of mirrors. 

The flatware below is from Anthropologie. The site claims that "Ancient artifacts and hand-hewn spear tips must have inspired the organically arched shape of this utensil set". I see there form more as scandinavian inspired, similar to Gense perhaps. Either way, I NEED at LEAST twelve place settings of these, and at AUD$37.09 for the five pieces I feel like this dream is not too large. 

For some peculiar reason, our new flat has no overhead lights in the main living/ dining area and a few of the other rooms. We can see where the lights originally were due to the patch-up job in the plaster, so some brilliant person must have gone to the trouble of removing them. Of course, this gives us the opportunity to wire lighting to the exact places we want it. I'm thinking about lights hanging down over the dining table, which is why the bronze lights in the image below (from Lonny) are making me excited. 

This shot is also from Lonny and is making me VERY excited. I know I said I NEEDED the flatware, but I think I need some task-style sconces for the bedroom even more. You see, even though wired-in lighting is minimal in some parts of our flat, the bedroom actually has sconces on either side of the bed already. Just not very nice ones. That can easily be fixed though and I think something similar to the light below is the answer. 

So much to think about! 
xx k

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  1. Same here! Can't get enough of copper, bronze or brass atm!