Monday, 5 December 2011


STYLE PONY ON STYLESTALKER. Behind the scenes of Australian brand interview with designer Sue-Ann. 

Have you ever wondered how you actually run a creative business? I know I have, so I decided to ask the gorgeous Sue-Ann, one half of stylestalker, a few questions about what happens behind closed doors at stylestalker HQ. 

1. What are your backgrounds? What path led you to establishing the stylestalker brand? Rachel and I come from a marketing background. We were working together at an Ad agency and found we were spending all our time on blogs. We've always loved clothes so when we couldn't find what we wanted to buy, we decided to make it. 

2. What does creating and designing for a fashion brand involve? I'm interested in mundane and amazing! 
1. Inspiration
2. Research. 
3. Fabric and trim sourcing (china)
4. Designing (the hardest part is culling cause we always have a billion ideas). 
5. Getting the samples done and getting stuff made. 

3. You have an active online presence with your blog, twitter, Facebook and lookbook accounts. Is this the main way you market your brand?
We are incredibly passionate about online and stylestalker started as a small online store. We find that this medium of communication is relevant and engaging to us and our customers. We also do PR for offline presence as well. 

4. You create campaigns with some fantastic Australian models. At what stage of crewing a collection do you decide on the model? Does this influence or inspire the designs in any way?
Of course! Every collection has a muse, a girl who embodies the kind of girl we're designing for. Our models strongly reflect that. 

5. Stylestalker seems to have come so far since its inception. What has been the most exciting moment so far? What goals do you have for the brand in the next five years?
Being able to afford staff members has been a massive highlight! Also, seeing our stuff in Selfridges, David Jones and on celebs like Sienna Miller. Over the next five years we want to keep doing what we're doing, making cool stuff that people want to buy and keep having fun. 

Thanks so much Sue-Ann, very insightful. Keep doing what you are doing! x

Thursday, 1 December 2011


CHRISTMAS 2011. Present wrapping and photoshop woes. 

My photoshop has stopped working and my internet is being temperamental. The past few days can only be described as a total nightmare. It has caused me to want to go back to the basics of scissors, glue, sticky-tape and pens. 

I adore wrapping (and planning how I will wrap) my Christmas presents. Almost as much as I used to enjoy planning and contact papering my school books each year. Did anyone else spend their whole summer holidays thinking about that? For Christmas 2011, my first Christmas in my own house, I found this spotty hot pink tulle from Lincraft (pink is an official Christmas colour in my book by the way). Thought it would look amazing as Christmas present ribbon. 

Exhibit A shows the tulle paired with brown paper that I seem to have hanging around in excess and a silver tree decoration I poached from my mum. 

Exhibit B features silver cellophane. So effective. So cheap. Find at your closest $2 shop. I would even go as far as saying this silver cellophane looks better on odd, uneven shapes (rather then the crisp, even square shapes wrapping paper usually loves). Brilliant stuff. 

So I am actually devastated about photoshop. Because even though I'm not a pro at it, I could make the above photos look a little better, and be the right size. So sad.
I suppose I will have to get over it though.


Thursday, 24 November 2011


KITCHENAID STAND MIXER. A life changing decision. 
I have been instructed by my maid of honour to choose which colour Kitchenaid I like best, so I can only assume she is organising one as my wedding present. This may seem like a simple task, but in fact, it is highly stressful. I will be with this Kitchenaid for the rest of my life, choosing the right colour is almost as critical as choosing the right husband. I was going to be sensible and grown up and go with a white or silver, but now I'm thinking of following my heart and getting the pink. Or maybe pistachio. 

collage by me. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


WUNDER PLANT. Unique and unexpected floral arrangements by Amy Wright. 

The gorgeous creations above, created by Wunder Plant, are for a wedding at The Prince Deck. Like many other fantastic Melbourne creative people/companies, I found out about Wunder Plant through The Design Files. I will definitely be stopping by A Shop Called Milton where each Saturday Amy sells $10 posies made up of whatever takes her fancy at the markets that morning. Exciting! It's like a lucky dip! 

Monday, 21 November 2011


MY GOODNESS! It's been too long. 
The problem is, the Spring Racing Carnival feels like the beginning of the end. The end of the routines and the working year, and the start of summer, christmas and parties. Shocking that I think this I know, I'm trying to get over it...such a bad habit. First step, resume regular posts here. I have become obsessed with Christmas and christmas decorating, and the wedding planning has reached the critical MUST make decisions NOW stage, so I have entertaining on my mind. When things as dire as decorating dilemmas or entertaining predicaments are on my mind, I like to share it here on Style Pony, it clears my mind and helps me make the best decisions. So brace yourself for some fantastic posts. 


Wednesday, 26 October 2011


SPRING RACING CONUNDRUM. With Derby day only three sleeps away, and no outfit organised, I had a serious fashion crisis. That is, until I saw these gorgeous 1920's dresses at LEONARD JOEL

If, of course, I decide which dress I like the best and IF I win the auction tomorrow. Leonard Joel also has the most amazing fascinators and hats at the moment. I went down there today and tried them all on, my favourite being the one shown above. They are SO much better and less expensive (if they sell in the estimated price range) then anything half decent you could buy new. 

Of course, there is still my grand plan of making a fresh floral headpiece. I asked Flowers Vasette what flowers they would recommend..."we recommend orchids, phalaenopsis, cymbidiums or vandas as being the lustiest lasers. Roses are really hardy too!". I might save this for Stakes day. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


While re-reading Russh October/November 2011 last night, I came across a little interview with the people behind the Something Else /Ken Done collaboration.

The creators of the dress I raved about:
Natalie Wood (Something Else designer)
George Barnes (Something Else in-house artist)
Ken Done

The Russh interview:
What is your favourite piece from the the collection?
Ken Done: I love them all but I particularly enjoyed the Kaleidadone Kimono. Maybe I could wear one swanning around the studio?

What was your desire in reinterpreting the works?
George Barnes: To keep the essence of what Ken Done is in my eyes - which is fun, joyful, carefree art, rich in colour and texture. I wanted to adapt these characteristics into my work, for each design to look as good as I could make them. Hopefully it appeals to the generation that grew up with a piece of Done and to the generation about to discover his work!

Why did you approach Ken Done to do a collaboration?
Natalie Wood: We wanted to do a really fun collaboration for summer. We already had a theme, which was about this marine girl superhero character who protects all the coral reefs and sea creatures. So we were already looking at beautiful coral pictures... then we chatted about what sort of artist could work with that theme, and the Ken Done name came up. It was pretty instant that it would be such an amazing collaboration. He is a true icon in Australia so we thought we would launch the first of a series of high profile collaborations on homegrown soil. I also really liked the nostalgic feel to the project; it really stirred something inside people and there was a lot of reminiscing. I was really quite starstruck when I first met him, and to find ourselves in the midst of the Ken Done archives was truly magical. His reef series paintings that he personally showed me through took my breath away.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


FLORAL SCULPTURE AT ITS FINEST. The most incredible floral display I have EVER SEEN. 

I have seen a lot of flowers recently, as I am planning my wedding, but nothing comes close to the incredible impact that this hydrangea hedge has. I have had the first image printed out and on my pin board for ages, but I didn't know where I got it from. The other day I came across the source (caplan miller events) on Pinterest, it was seriously exciting. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I DIE. Rachel Zoe's workspace is BEYOND MAJOR. 

To say I'm on a RZ binge is an understatement. I have downloaded season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project from iTunes, and have watched them over the past few days while I address my wedding invitations (this involves ruling lots of lines in pencil first which is why it is taking so long). Although you see plenty of her life on her show, why wouldn't you want to see more? A peek into her office...


Catchphrases aside, Rachel Zoe has amazing style and an amazing collection of clothes. 
See more of her office here

Monday, 17 October 2011


ANYONE FOR PIMM'S?  It is the first day in SO LONG that I deem sunny enough to be Pimm's worthy. 

With today's temperature predicted to be 26 degrees, I thought it was an appropriate time to start mixing my summer drink of choice. 
Take a jug and fill it with ice. 
Mix 1 part Pimm's with 3 parts lemonade. 
Add mint, cucumber, oranges and strawberries. 

collage by me

Sunday, 16 October 2011


KEN DONE X SOMETHING ELSE. When I think Ken Done I think tacky, touristy, tragic. However, that all changed when I laid eyes on his latest collaboration. 

The ethos of Australian brand Something Else by Natalie Wood, is based on the merging of art and fashion. The brand collaborates with both emerging and renowned artists to create unique, incomparable pieces. Their latest collection, Submerged, sees Art Director George Barnes take Ken Done's coral reef paintings and digitally manipulate them into something new. The result? Fun, bold and colourful pieces with a vaguely familiar Ken Done edge. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011


HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE LIVE? There is nothing I like more then seeing how other people go about there lives. Emily Weiss, founder of Into The Gloss, seems to share the same fascination. 
Into The Gloss allows you to snoop through the bathroom cupboards of fashion industry insiders...and who doesn't love a good snoop? You will no longer have to fulfil your need for beauty tips by using the excuse, "I need to wash my hands", to see what lipstick your friends friend wears. What? I'm the only person that does that??!

Photos from (another fantastic personal style blog). 


FRESH FLOWER FLORAL HEADPIECE. Although I am yet to actually do-it-myself, I certainly plan on trying to make a headpiece for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival. 

I will have to look into what flowers can survive the possible high heat/hail (never know what the weather will do). 

Main image by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia October 2010. 
Others unknown. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


WHAT IS LEONARD AND WHY IS IT IN MY LETTER BOX? Five questions with John Albrecht. 

When a newspaper called 'Leonard' arrived in my letter box I was intrigued. It was published by auction house Leonard Joel, a place I knew you could score a bargain at the weekly auction, buy a second-hand Hermes Birkin or admire antiques. All interesting (and even exciting on auction day), but Leonard Joel never came to mind when thinking about the latest inspiring design. After all, it is where my Uncle shops. So what was this visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing newspaper/design magazine hybrid doing in my letter box? I decided to contact John Albrecht, managing director, to find out a little about his role and why Leonard Joel seemed to be changing its image.

1. What path led you to your role as Managing Director of Leonard Joel? I was born in to the art and antiques industry. My family owned Kozminsky. But you don’t fall in love with an industry that you are born in to. You grow to love things or dislike things and I grew to love my industry – I could think of nothing else more fun to do than manage this mini-economy of beautiful things for interesting people! My path was a disjointed roller coaster with no grand plan other than that I kept finding my way back to what I loved and despite various setbacks I always remained positive and continued to dream. 

2. How would you define Leonard? A magazine? Newspaper? Auction catalogue? Do you have a specific idea of what you want Leonard to be? We discovered that clients are tired of receiving the same old DLs from every auction house month in month out with the same old information on them that carries little to no value. We have collapsed the DL concept, supplanted it with “valuable and useful” content and as a subsidiary exercise still managed to provide clients with all the viewing and auction information they need. To us LEONARD is “our month” in a broadsheet!

3. I find Leonard very visually appealing; the aesthetic is bold and elegant. It is not a typical auction catalogue. What was your reasoning behind the design and layout of the publication? Our creative adviser Daniel Callan of Callan & Assoc. wanted it to be bold, atypical, content-driven and spacious. I trusted his judgment and love the result.

4. You state in your introduction that Leonard is one of many changes that are happening at Leonard Joel. What other changes will there be? Where do you predict Leonard Joel to be in 5 years? The fundamental changes that are well underway are a complete refurbishment of the business, both physically and culturally. Leonard Joel is about youthful expertise, new categories to collect and consider and ensuring that our clients experience both transparency and enjoyment, whether they are buying or selling through the firm.

5. Your article ‘the new collector’ expresses that “One could collect anything with a thematic logic and one was a collector”. Why do you think people like to collect, regardless of perceived value or importance by traditional collectors? I think collecting is deeply personal and primal. Collecting at its most basic level is about surrounding oneself with things that create a sense of physical security and comfort. I think over the centuries this desire to collect to create physical security became something more intellectual and sadly, sometimes (but not always) more pretentious. Collecting is now about securing a memory, stimulating the senses, celebrating a passion, decorating an interior, accumulating something other than capital or perhaps convincing oneself or others that one is more complex or sophisticated.

I believe Leonard Joel are being very savvy in their approach of making auction houses more accessible and sharing knowledge. I am assuming that to survive in a future of the mass produced, or even online auction sites, they need to attract a younger generation of people who enjoy the experience of going to a physical auction house (and enjoy collecting). They certainly have succeeded in catching my attention. 

Monday, 10 October 2011


MANIAMANIA. Pyrite crystal shaped ring made of bronze with silver two tone plating. 

There is an amazing video featuring Abbey-Lee on their website at the moment (full of patterns and kaleidoscopic delightfulness)...have a look while it lasts! 
Collaged by me.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


TRELISE COOPER. Infatuation.

The skirt and I met yesterday at David Jones, I have already been back to visit her. She also comes in a dress and pant version, but I feel like the skirt is for me. Do I commit myself and make her mine?? 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


DID IT ALL START WITH COMME DE GARCON FALL 2011? According to Tim Blanks in his review, Rei Kawakubu stated that "gold is the new colour". 

However it started, gold leaf has been prevalent at the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Seen at Fendi on the eyelids and eyebrows, it just looks SO FUN. 

Perhaps more wearable, if gold leaf can be at all wearable, is the Topshop Unique gold leaf hair. I definitely want to try this, I think I will have to pop into Eckersley's in the near future. 

On another note, I am so in love with Charlotte Free's pink hair

photo source: (last photo unknown)

Monday, 26 September 2011


POPPIES. Get your Granny's silverware collection out of the cupboard and start putting it to use!

I love playing around with different ways of displaying flowers, these poppies are arranged in an antique silver mug that we have. I bought them late yesterday afternoon at the South Melbourne market, they were looking extremely droopy so I was afraid they might shrivel up and die, but this morning I was pleasantly surprised by these gorgeous blooms.  

Thursday, 22 September 2011


CALVIN KLEIN SPRING 2012. Francisco Costa has created what every girl is looking for: effortlessness (or the appearance of effortlessness).
Everyone wants to look gorgeous, but not like they tried. From the soft and feminine slipdresses to the natural hair and makeup, he has produced a delightful, ethereal collection. I want to be the character he has created.

collage by me. 
images from


THE FOCUS HAS BEEN ON INTERIORS AT STYLE PONY. I am changing direction slightly by including ALL aspects of style and design that appeal to me

I also hope to include interviews with people that inspire me,  I admire, or I simply want to know more about. 

This site is...
A journey of style. 
A place to create. 

Sunday, 11 September 2011


INSIDE, INSIDE OUT. A New York warehouse conversion? No, the home of fashion designers Nick and Jenny Clegg is actually a new build in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Like my previous post, this house has dark base colours mixed with lots of brights. Unlike the previous post, three kids live here and they are encouraged to draw on the walls...

Obviously the home is full to the brim with creativity, but I particulary like the print (above) customised with a fluro orange cloud-creature and the wooden crates used to organise things (above and below). 

I am really considering a dark charcoal paint colour in our bedroom (like the photo above). I was concerned it may be a bit depressing, but I think I have come to the conclusion that it is comforting and restful. We have enough natural light that it wouldn't feel like we were underground or something. 


These photos are of Inside Out May/June 2011. 
The magazine is resting on a Missoni Home ottoman. 

Saturday, 10 September 2011


ATELIER ABIGAIL AHERN. What a fantastic name for a design company! I LOVE alliteration. 

This is the home of Abigail Ahern, of AAA, as photographed by Todd Selby. I regularly check The Selby to see what kinds of inspiring spaces have been documented. However, I was particulary drawn to this space because of the DARK colours, which I have never had the guts to use in a dramatic way.

You can see that the dark colours used together with bright accessories, creates a seductive and soothing space. Abigail sums it up perfectly on her blog.."Once you cross over (to the dark side that is) life just seems a little more enchanting. Furniture, accessories pop out and almost tantalise."

She says of the chandelier in her seriously delightful bathroom.. "Yes it's hung way too low and I bang my head constantly when getting out of the bath (who cares), but it adds an element of whimsy."...Love her dedication! And of course, I had to include a photo of her cute puppy. 

More photos at The Selby

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Look! It is exactly like I was imagining in this post

This wicker chair cost all of $10 from the Camberwell Market.

But wait there is more.....
Will painted it Barbie pink!

I was hoping for a more fluoro paint colour like these Paolo Lenti Nido chairs I saw in Belle....

But that seemed a bit beyond Bunnings' capabilities. Can you even buy fluorescent paint?

Anyway, I am in love with my cute, kitsch, Barbie pink chair. 

Friday, 20 May 2011


TYPOGRAPHY IN THE HOME. I hate t-shirts and clothes that have slogans on them. If you want to make a point, you can make it by the way you act and dress, but there is no need to literally write it across your chest. 

Having said that, for some reason I have no problem with written decoration used in interiors.

 Maybe because, in these examples I have collected, it is more about the typography or the form of the letter, rather than what it actually says.

These two pictures above are from the very talented Annaleena's home. The big black 'A' is actually painted in blackboard paint in her daughters room. The 'STAR' she made with fairy lights.

So in love with the two mirrored beauties above, they are from the same house found in Marie Claire Maison. Of course there was also this mirrored 'M' that I fell in love with in March...I would welcome any mirrorXtypography piece into my house.

Above and below, alphabet wallpaper. This looks striking, but I don't think I could live with something so busy. Maybe in a room I didn't use everyday?


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


ROPES AND DREAMS. Who would have thought that rope could look so effective? 

Morgan from the brick house certainly did. I just can't get over how good it looks. 

 She was faced with the challenge of creating zones in a large warehouse that was to be used as an upholstery workshop/ teaching space/ office.

 Her cost effective and beautiful solution was to create these rope walls, which allow both light to filter through the whole area and the feeling of space to remain. 

This is one of those ideas that I will keep in the back of mind until I find some way to incorporate it in my life. Right now I am thinking of making a room divider with coloured wool, it would be a lot more delicate then rope and if I ever actually do this, could quite possibly be amazing. 

The wool installation of my dreams would be like the above picture (which is a photo of an image on a computer screen - not sure what site) but on a much larger scale. 

UPDATE 19/5:
Look what I found..... similar idea but made of colourful RIBBON.
By artist Megan Geckler for the California Design Biennial 2010: Action/ Reaction.
See here for more info/ pictures.