Wednesday, 26 October 2011


SPRING RACING CONUNDRUM. With Derby day only three sleeps away, and no outfit organised, I had a serious fashion crisis. That is, until I saw these gorgeous 1920's dresses at LEONARD JOEL

If, of course, I decide which dress I like the best and IF I win the auction tomorrow. Leonard Joel also has the most amazing fascinators and hats at the moment. I went down there today and tried them all on, my favourite being the one shown above. They are SO much better and less expensive (if they sell in the estimated price range) then anything half decent you could buy new. 

Of course, there is still my grand plan of making a fresh floral headpiece. I asked Flowers Vasette what flowers they would recommend..."we recommend orchids, phalaenopsis, cymbidiums or vandas as being the lustiest lasers. Roses are really hardy too!". I might save this for Stakes day. 

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