Monday, 5 December 2011


STYLE PONY ON STYLESTALKER. Behind the scenes of Australian brand interview with designer Sue-Ann. 

Have you ever wondered how you actually run a creative business? I know I have, so I decided to ask the gorgeous Sue-Ann, one half of stylestalker, a few questions about what happens behind closed doors at stylestalker HQ. 

1. What are your backgrounds? What path led you to establishing the stylestalker brand? Rachel and I come from a marketing background. We were working together at an Ad agency and found we were spending all our time on blogs. We've always loved clothes so when we couldn't find what we wanted to buy, we decided to make it. 

2. What does creating and designing for a fashion brand involve? I'm interested in mundane and amazing! 
1. Inspiration
2. Research. 
3. Fabric and trim sourcing (china)
4. Designing (the hardest part is culling cause we always have a billion ideas). 
5. Getting the samples done and getting stuff made. 

3. You have an active online presence with your blog, twitter, Facebook and lookbook accounts. Is this the main way you market your brand?
We are incredibly passionate about online and stylestalker started as a small online store. We find that this medium of communication is relevant and engaging to us and our customers. We also do PR for offline presence as well. 

4. You create campaigns with some fantastic Australian models. At what stage of crewing a collection do you decide on the model? Does this influence or inspire the designs in any way?
Of course! Every collection has a muse, a girl who embodies the kind of girl we're designing for. Our models strongly reflect that. 

5. Stylestalker seems to have come so far since its inception. What has been the most exciting moment so far? What goals do you have for the brand in the next five years?
Being able to afford staff members has been a massive highlight! Also, seeing our stuff in Selfridges, David Jones and on celebs like Sienna Miller. Over the next five years we want to keep doing what we're doing, making cool stuff that people want to buy and keep having fun. 

Thanks so much Sue-Ann, very insightful. Keep doing what you are doing! x

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