Friday, 18 March 2011


WHIMSICAL BATHROOM. A space that "literally comes alive" is not the aim of most when renovating a bathroom in a late 19th century house. 

However, that is exactly what Dutch designers Bo Reudler Studio endeavoured to do in this home near Amsterdam. They achieved this by mimicking natures organic forms and using materials, such as copper, that show traces of time and usage.

The tiles seem cracked, but the cracks are actually growing from the sources of water to become trees from which flowers bloom. As with the rest of the copper work, the flowers will age over time taking on a greenish tinge.  

The hot and cold water pipes will age differently due to condensation build up on the copper surface. I find this fascinating! 

Built especially for this bathroom, but part of the designers 'Slow White' collection, this sink is made of curved branches gathered from the forrest and painted white. The mirror is made to look like a pool of rippling water, which looks very pretty, but I'm not sure how practical it is! 

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into this bathroom, it is in no way traditional, yet there is such a sense of history - and the notion of time passing is present throughout. Sometimes lots of deep and meaningful thought behind decorating and design can make me feel sick, this bathroom though manages to get away with it, perhaps because it is so fanciful and pretty.  

xx Kiki 

PS. Will has started painting! 

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